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Anchor Cheddar 2015

Anchor Cheddar 2015


In February 2015 we embarked on a 90 x consecutive date tour of over 100 x locations throughout the UK. Starting in Plymouth, ending in Inverness and visiting just about everywhere possible in between!

A branded double decker bus that doubled up as a fully-fledged kitchen and catering area acted as the basis of our event where 2 x sous chefs made up thousands of fresh samples every day for the team of Local staff to sample to customers up and down the UK

Half of a sandwich consisting of locally sourced thick cut bread, Anchor butter and Anchor cheese constituted a sample. We served them in a traditional waxed paper bag along with a MOP voucher and educational leaflet on Anchor, the fact that Arla (the parent company) are a cooperative and that the farmers own the company!