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10OS Indoor & Street Fleet

10OS Indoor & Street Fleet


This year we have trained a team of 60 tech savvy BA’s about the new BlackBerry 10 Operating System and their new devices. 3 x tours so far with the 4th running at the moment and 4 x product launches. With the indoor activations consisted of 1 x EM, 1 x Presenter and 8 x BA’s. We had a large BB stand put up in the middle of Shopping centres around the country including ones such as Manchester Trafford/Arndale, One exchange, Leeds trinity, Westfield Stratford/Shepherds Bush to name but a few. The team would demo the new 10OS devices and their features whilst entering them into a competition for the chance to win which ever device has just been launch (Z10,Q10,Q5 and now the 30).

Any member of the public who owned a BlackBerry device never went away empty handed, the staff would activate the NFC on their devices and it would randomly select a gift ie stress balls, keyring tokens, pens or for certain centres mole skin pads.

We also had an incentive, anyone who purchased one of the new BB devices on the day and returned with their receipt they would receive a 32G SD card for their new device.

There was a stage where the presenter would entice the public over to watch a full on live demonstration of the new device out at the time.

Time shift was a huge success with everyone as it allows you to create the perfect picture every time!

BBM Video as well for those who are always abroad or on the run and have files/phots to share or if even are unable to make a meeting you can now have a live over the phone face to face BBM video chat only on the new 10OS devices.

Street Fleet was a similar concept except it consisted of a team of 7 including 1 x EM, 1 x Presenter and 5 x BA’s travelling to different locations and demonstrating the 10OS devices outside in situ from a Blackberry van where the presenter would be connected to a mike and demonstrating the device ion the screen and the rest of the team would be on the trailer. When dismantled would turn into a stand with FSDU units inside with the devices and screens.

This has been an extremely successful year with the BlackBerry tours and the clients have been so impressed with the trained team and have broken record numbers in sales and product demo’s.

The first part of the tour with the launch of the Z10 we also had a green screen team at certain venues where members of the public could get involve and be filmed as part of the new BlackBerry advert.

You could walking through the streets with a ghetto blaster, jumping over rocks or even walking on a zip wire.

The kids but especially the adults loved getting involved and they were then emailed the footage to keep.