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The Best FIFA Football Awards

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Our client needed a professional crew to meticulously cater for a select group of VIPs throughout a programme of events spanning red carpet walks, press interviews, fan interactions, live production, post event press and hospitality.

So this is what we did

The process

This project required a month of casting, including three days of interviews. Our role was to extensively vet each candidate, meeting face to face and interviewing them to make sure that they were ideal for the role. To reassure a cautious client we also ensured they were kept highly involved in the casting process.

Our hosts

The importance of supplying a very high standard of candidate was incredibly clear. The attendees were a truly global group, so our team of hosts had to represent that also, with language skills spanning Mandarin, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Dutch.

Live event

A dedicated team of 18 bilingual, confident, professional, and knowledgeable hosts were selected from all over the UK to ensure we were meeting our clients incredibly specific and needs of running the live event.

Football icons

We chaperoned world famous footballers including Ronaldo, Mo Salah, Ronaldinho, and Maradona from their cars, walking them up the ‘green carpet’, managing strict press protocol and photo opportunities, then escorting them into the venue and seating them in their allocated spot.

It’s no surprise that the event went as well as it did because POD really nailed the brief from day one. We wanted a staffing partner that not only understood our ask, but one that was able to cut through the layers to get to where we needed them to be – quickly. The group of hosts supplied exceeded ALL expectations.

Dan Shipton, Black Skull Creative

The results

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