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We were tasked with staffing an event that would help give Givenchy’s hero fragrance L’Interdit stand out against other perfumes in a saturated market. Success for Givenchy would be measured by the sales generated inside Boots stores through a yearlong shopping centre campaign ran across the UK.

So this is what we did

Staffing objective

Our staffing objective was clear. We needed to select and train a team who could charmingly represent the brand’s values, emotively bring to life its rich history in the few seconds. They needed to captivate shoppers’ and ultimately drive sales for the brand.


We designed our training to arm ambassadors with the perfect tools and hooks to convert storytelling interactions into sales. Immersive sessions lead by in-house experts taught staff about Givenchy’s history and delved deep into the fragrance notes. The outcome? Ambassadors that could effortlessly live and breathe L’Interdit when interacting with shoppers.

Bespoke services

Ambassadors immersed themselves in the brand by wearing the scent throughout the campaign and used their natural charm and personality to engage shoppers. And to incentivise sales ambassadors were briefed to use exclusive gift set offers, a bespoke wrapping service, a personalisation station, and unique gifts with purchase.

Record sales

Givenchy ranked 1st in two Boots stores across the UK for their fragrance and beauty brands and became it a record-breaking year for the company. This huge result for the brand was largely driven by the mall site activity and our effective staffing strategy.

The teams POD put in place were exceptional. Their energy, passion for the brand, and desire to go above and beyond has been unlike anything I have experienced with any other staffing agency, over 15 years working in the industry.

Laura Wise

The results

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