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Maison Margiela – Replica Memory Box

Our brief was
to ...

We had the pleasure of welcoming guests into the fabulous Maison Margiela pop-up experience! With the aim of unlocking and celebrating people’s unique memories, we heroed the REPLICA fragrances through an immersive and multi-sensorial exhibition.

So this is what we did

Immersive hosts

Immersive and charismatic hosts from our wonderful team at POD were trained to guide consumers through eight sensory-based zones designed to evoke consumer memories, as well as encourage product sampling.

Forgotten memories

Guests were led by our immersive hosts through a sensory wonderland boasting scent discovery, crafting and evocative sight and sound. Unlocking long-forgotten memories, they embarked on a sensorial journey of wonder and curiosity.

Memory box

Our fantastic hosts then helped them to curate and build a keepsake memory box along the way, collecting small tokens from each space. With each collection, guests built a stronger rapport with the brand and its products.

Sold out campaign

We are thrilled to have been part of this enormous success story, with tickets selling out in record time. Gaining traction as it made its way over to social media platforms, it collected an outstanding 1 million organic TikTok impressions.

Nominated for best Pop-up Experience at Campaign Experience Awards and IPM Awards in 2023

The results

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