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Our retail staff came together to help Müller in giving the power to the people, allowing them to create their very own yoghurt combinations in a brand showcase that marked their first ever consumer centric pop-up shop.

So this is what we did

Our staff

Our core team of retail managers, food handlers, baristas and engravers supported the nations’ favourite yoghurt brand inside the pop-up, situated within Westfield Stratford for seventeen consecutive days live.

The shop

Our retail team supported operations, opening up shop daily, taking payments and generally providing a seamless customer service experience. The event included a Müller Corner ball pit, photo booth, coffee bar, merchandise stand and opportunity to personalise a bespoke, engraved Müller spoon.


​Staff offered visitors a choice of yoghurt base from Müller Corner and Müller Corner Plain to Müllerlight Greek Style, along with various fruit compotes and twenty-one inclusions; pumpkin seeds, milk-chocolate digestive balls, chocolate flakes, brownie pieces and more.

Last but not least

In another first for Müller, all staff were trained to showcase the versatility of yoghurt, offering pre-set and create-your-own salads with Müller yoghurt dressings.

​Opening our first-ever pop-up shop is a hugely exciting milestone for our brand. We want to inspire people to live happy and healthy lifestyles, and our ‘Müller Corner Shop’ gives us the platform to take this to the next level.

Michael Inpong, chief marketing officer at Müller

The results

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